Mobile Calf Pens
(Indoor & Outdoor)

Products we have in our offer include mobile pens for calves for outdoor use. Pens are made of a dip galvanized steel construction. Exterior walls and partitions are made of moisture-resistant plywood sheet with a thickness of 12 mm and the floors are made of wood.


Normally the structure contains four pens (each with an area of 150 x 100 cm), however versions with two or three pens are also available in our offer. Pens are equipped with handles for feed containers, drinking bowls, feeding racks and opening doors allowing for easy access to calves.


The roof of the pen is made of galvanized trapezoidal sheet and is appropriately extended to protect the feeding containers against rain. Pens can be easily moved. They are designed to meet the requirements of the welfare and protection of farm animals and also to improve the hygiene and living conditions of animals and ensure their healthy development.

We also stock indoor calf pens.


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